A new start

From the busy proposal works this week, I realised that there’s a huge gap between my actual English ability and the level I need. Things are forming this gap, the grammar mistakes, the poorly organised logic flows and even the spell mistakes.

So, actions should be taken to smaller this gap. In short, I need to practice my English.

Well, so you may have guessed what I mean. Yep, I decided to write some of my posts in English. And I think this would help me. Therefore, I need you readers helping me find the mistakes in this blog, and it would be so kind of you doing that. Anyway, and also the most exciting thing, I may get the chance to be under the supervision of a very kind and excellent astronomer in IAP (Paris) for 2~3 months, and I think that may be a great chance to do something that can really help me to approach the truth of our universe. So, several reviews are already on my reading list now. All I need is hard working and be prepared for the coming days.

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