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A digest of arXiv:1112.0285

From: Evolution of Galaxy Formation, by Douglas Scott

From a view of the logic flow of the discovery of galaxy formation, we can learn that there are some important findings that have already exist before. Due to some reasons, maybe the depth of the research or the instrument limitation etc, when people revisit the topic after many years they can still find something new and make great discoveries. That means there are some potentially good stories hide in the old topics, maybe. So that shows us a good chance and direction from a historical view.

Also, the author makes some many possible future aspects of the subject on galaxy formation:

  • galaxy formation will not be completely “solved” in the near future;
  • ambitious multi-wavelength surveys will extend our empirical understanding of the high-z Universe; (this is really one of the hottest fields within the study of a galaxy)
  • there will continue to be phrases spun to describe new ideas;
  • some of these ideas will be old ideas, dressed up;(But I think this is not a bad thing)
  • some ideas will be crazy, and will fall by the wayside;
  • some ideas will genuinely progress the field, inspiring a new generation of galaxy fabricators;(So, big bosses dig holes and we fill them up)


  1. I am working on matter perturbation evolution, but my work stops before the perturbation forms a galaxy because that is non-linear.
    I have no idea how to deal with the nonlinear effect theoretically.

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