A review of 2011

2011 has just past, and things happened. Something happy, something inspiring, something upset and something depressive. I think a review would be good for me to remember and plan for the future. So I just list some of the most remarkable things here. Because I can not recall them in a right timeline, I simply list them here as follows:

  • Got involved into “Astroleaks. I think this is a very good idea, gathering a group of graduate students, commenting on certain astro-ph papers recently posted. I contributed to the development of the web pages and also wrote three posts. Just like astrobites, both reading and writing are good to you in forming an astrophysical mode of thinking. It can gain your critical view of the papers and help you follow the new ideas and interesting results in a specific field. Additionally, I made some good friends via this website. They all have a great passion for astronomy. That gave me a lot of motivations to get fresh new ideas.
  • Finished my courses.  I may have no more exams for my courses from now on. And this ended my 17 years exam-life, although I may have some other exams in the future. Ain’t this remarkable?
  • Got a chance to Paris for 1.5 months. I think this will be the most exciting thing happened this year. With the help of Prof. Jiang (my boss), Mr Gao (my boss as well), and Prof. Alain. I got a chance to IAP for a study of aperture synthesis observation of high-z Herschel Lensed sources. I think I can learn a great lot both from Prof. Alain and this trip. This is an exciting topic, which will find some fancy new results of molecular contents at high-z galaxies, helping us understand what physical process is happening in this high-z galaxies. I am so happy to get this chance. Now, I am repairing my visa to France.
  • Dr Weidong Li has passed away. This is the most astonishing news I heard this year. I still remember the first time and also the last time I saw him at the meeting held in our department in July. He taught us some life philosophy on how to do research and how to be a good person. In our view, he was one of the most successful astronomers in our department. He was the kind of person that we wanted to be. So after being informed his death on 15th, I was very sad. I think this is also telling us to take care of our body. Health is very important.
  • Moved to Nanjing. As I planned from the start of my master candidate life, I will be a joint training student of BNU and PMO. So in August this year, I came here, PMO, joined the Star Formation In Galaxies Group and knew a lot of new friends and excellent research staffs here. Honestly speaking, I was going to be crazy for staying at BNU for any longer, more than 5 years, watching the same views, feeling the same feelings, and having the same ideas. I needed a new environment to get excited. After moving here, I learned a lot of new stuff, and also developed some new habits, “refreshing” my brains. And in next 1 year, will be the busiest, exciting and enjoyable year. I have a lot to do, have a lot to learn and have a lot to face.

In this very beginning of 2012, I made some wishes for me, for my family and for my friends. May your wish come true. Hope this 2012 will be a miraculous year. 

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