It’s May again

It’s May again, three years after the last “saying goodbye” season. I still remember the last time I wrote a post about May on my birthday. After two years of joint training at PMO, I came back here to the quiet campus, the place where all the stories are buried deeply, waiting for the last ceremony to be celebrated, also preparing the last show of mine. But when I came back, all my feelings abbreviated the tracks they belong to and went beyond my ability of depiction. It’s complicated, seeing things have been changed, knowing that something is now the past forever. It’s not simply sadness or helplessness, but all the twisted emotions.

Friends are now everywhere else with only a few staying in the Department. When I see boys and girls passing by on the campus, I cannot stop being reminded of the past, more than three years ago.

However, it’s amazing that I saw so many familiar faces right after I arrived in Beijing, someone that I would never expect. Sometimes I cannot stop myself from thinking that’s God‘s will, though I am an atheist. Still, I need to see someone, to say the last “goodbye”, maybe “forever”.

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