We are born to die, which is inevitable. This makes the metaphor that life is like a journey extremely vivid. Taking a sentimental, even perhaps an inappropriate example that life is like an aircraft that never lands: once it takes off, the only thing you know is that it will crash once running out of fuel.

This is so fatalistic and pointless, and I have to confess. However, I have just come to a comprehension of this ruthless truth, or I should say that it is an indispensable show in life. After my quite-an-experience, I started to contemplate this metaphor seriously. Of course, it devours my happiness and even sometimes leads me into a desperate impasse. Nevertheless, the voice in my head forces me to face it — I need to.

In the latest movie from the Hunger Games trilogy, I saw Katniss and Peeta embracing each other after the end of the turbulent period. At that moment, I was thinking that they are just like two helpless passengers on that lifelong never-landing plane, encouraging and supporting each other throughout the life journey they share with each other. They do not need to face a desperate ending alone anymore. Therefore, they will be able to appreciate the beautiful views aside from their journey — lights from the sun, the ever-changing clouds, the moon, and the shining stars. There are fragrant moments that light up our lives. By facing this “truth” and making peace with it, we will also find the beauty of life. And perhaps most importantly, seizing the control of our life once again. Is it all about loneliness? I cannot tell since those emotions are from deep inside our minds.

What about doing something that transcends our feelings? Can we try our best to upgrade this “despairing” plane, to make this trip more like an everlasting one? Or, we may be able to surpass our limitations finally? Maybe, mortality will be cured by AI-technology, e.g., digitalizing our consciousness. However, at that point, the meaning of life and death, along with a lot of others, will be changed completely. I think it will make the most intelligent philosophers in this world lose their insights into the nature of human beings

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