About Me

I am now an ESO (European Southern Observatory) fellow in Chile with duties at ALMA. My interests mainly focus on sub-/millimeter astronomy, namely studying star formation in galaxies especially in the high-redshift universe through observing both the dust content and molecular gas within. Your comments are welcome here. Besides, I am one of the authors and administrators of Astroleaks which is a kind of group blog that daily summarises literature journal articles posted on arXiv astro-ph.

欢迎!博主目前在欧洲南方天文台的智利分部从事跟博士后研究。主要关注毫米波/亚毫米射电天文学,兴趣集中在通过远红外以及(亚)毫米窗口研究邻近和高红移星系中的气体和尘埃,从而揭示星系中恒星形成活动的一些规律。欢迎你的留言。另外,我还是天文理科人的作者和管理员之一,天文理科人是一个以总结 arXiv astro-ph最新文章为主的群体博客。