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Finish second draft and prepare for the exam

Finally, I finished the revision of my first paper draft. Several changes were involved, including adding a table for interpreting the correlation between the infrared colors with the different line ratios. However, I think more careful data reduction is needed, as some line itself could already have a strong dependence. So the order should be 1. Single lines first; 2. The ratios. Perhaps adding another table just as Table 1 is a good idea, also putting the lines instead of line ratios in the first column. But, the line strength could result from the scaling effect. In fact, Table 1 is connected to Figure 2, which displays the dependence of infrared normalized line luminosities on the IR colors. That means the correlation coefficient in Figure 2 could predict part of the results in the table, though it’s more clear in Table 1. Probably I should mention that in the paper.

Nevertheless, the variation of the slope with different transitions is also an interesting point which I should include in the paper later. The difference may infer the intrinsic variable excitation mechanism.

But now I really have no time until I finish the entrance exam for PMO. I have to heavily prepare 3 subjects in the next 4 days… I have to say it’s real ….by chance, though I have some basic knowledge which I am not sure that I can recall whenever I need it. Anyway, let us cross our fingers…

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Something to keep in mind

Just some small things I am considering these days:

  1. Work with your advisors: not be driven by them, but learn and discuss with them.
  2. Being a graduate student is about learning what is scientific research, practising how to do research on your own, not by your supervisor.
  3. Be active and communicative, then you can grasp the chances.
  4. There is no need to compare yourself with others (you are a unique individual, how can you quantify the difference with another person?!). Thus, doing your own best is the goal. Challenge yourself!